Parking safely and cheaply with us


Due to the great interest and reduced capacity of our parking lot, we recommend that you make a reservation well in advance, at least 4-5 weeks before your planned arrival. Currently, it is possible to make reservations that end before 1.10.2024.
In the period July and August 2024, all places for the special price and also for the standard price are already sold out.


Our company offers you the possibility of parking your car when you are on holiday or on a business trip somewhere abroad. Your journey from home to the airport in Bratislava can take place in the comfort of your own car. The parking lot with a capacity of more than 100 parking spaces is located just 5 minutes (approx. 1200 m) from the airport in Bratislava, monitored by a camera system, security equipment and available 24 hours a day. Transfer to the airport and back to the parking lot we also provide for you, even at night.

Why park with us?

We have been providing the service for years, so we have experience with operation and the needs of clients. Ideal location of parking lot. Are you coming to us from the direction of Trnava? So, after exiting the highway, you will drive 400 m and in 50 seconds you are here, so you should go directly to the airport.


Transfer to Bratislava Airport and back is already included in the price and we will take you any time since we are available 24 hours a day. We carry out transfer to the airport with a comfortable 8-seat minibus, so we take the entire group of your car at once, including your own and oversized baggage. The fee for transfer to the airport Bratislava and back is 2, - €.


If necessary we will arrange for you a transfer to the Main Railway Station of Bratislava, Trnavské mýto (Trade Union House), the Mlynské Nivy bus station, Schwechat-Vienna Airport, possibly also another desired location. The price for one ride within Bratislava is €12, and €50 (including VAT) for Schwechat-Vienna airport, and the requirement for such a transfer is needed when making a reservation through our booking system.


Parking lot is located only 300 m from the IKEA, the AVION shopping center and 30 m from the KORZO shopping center (just go to the other side of the street) and you can buy the little things you need for your holiday or home trip. We will be happy to wait while you buy these little things. The shopping center contains shops like BILLA, a café, buffet, gas station, car wash, sports equipment shop, etc.


Prices are reasonable for everyone and if you make a reservation through our website, have parked several times in the past and make a reservation in good time, the price is the lowest compared to companies that provide a similar service. Our prices specified in the pricelist are final and are not misleading. Make a reservation and make sure you do it yourself. The price in the booking confirmation is binding and final for us.


We emphasize securing your vehicle, the parking lot is monitored 24 hours a day, the parking lot monitored by the camera system, any movement throughout the parking lot is signaled to the parking lot operator, who can intervene if necessary and, last but not least, we give the car only to the person submitting the parking ticket. In case of your request, we will store the keys from your vehicle free of charge in our safety deposit box.

car charging icon 2pngDo you own an electric car? You can recharge it with us during your parking using your own adapter for 13,- €. A 230V/16A socket is ready for you for this purpose. Charging is gentle on your battery because it is a slow, low-current charge. If you do not have your own adapter, the charging fee is 15,- € (possibility of connecting the connector Type 1- Yakazi and Type 2- Mennekes with our cable). If your vehicle has a connector of the CHAdeMO, CCS2 or Tesla Superchanger type, it is necessary to bring your own charging adapter connectable to a 230V socket, as our car park does not have such cables available. Charging the electric car is only possible in the outdoor parking lot (not in the garage). If you need to quickly charge the battery of your electric car, there is a possibility of using a fast charging station in the immediate vicinity of the car park (500 m), where you can recharge the battery to 80% in as little as 1 hour.

How can you book your parking space with us?

Individually through our website, by completing the form in the RESERVATION section

Through our contractual partners. If you have purchased your trip, flight through one of our contractual partners (the list is in the left column of this page), you can book a parking space directly with this vendor. List of contractual partners.


Is parking possible without reservation?

Yes it is possible, but we do not recommend this option, since you have to complete the reservation form directly in the parking lot and on the basis of this form we need to provide you with the necessary documents. You will be in delay for this reason. When parking without reservations, we do not guarantee a free parking space. Parking without reservation is related to a special pricelist. Parking without a reservation is not possible in the period 1.6.2024 - 30.9.2024.


How to pay for the reservation?

1. In cash or by credit card upon arrival at the parking lot. In case of an individual reservation, you will make your payment when you arrive at the parking lot. Payment in cash upon arrival at the parking lot is not possible in the period 1.6.2024 - 30.9.2024. The surcharge for paying in cash upon arrival at the parking lot is €15 in addition to the price of parking and services according to the valid price list (as of January 1, 2024).

2. Through our contractual partner. If you have booked your holiday with one of our contracted partners, you can pay for a parking space directly at its business office. This contractual partner will also provide you with all the necessary formalities.
3. By bank transfer in advance. Payment in advance by bank transfer is the most advantageous form of payment. You will receive detailed information on how to pay for the reservation by bank transfer by email immediately after the reservation has been made. The reservation must be paid no later than 7 days after the reservation was made. If the reservation is not paid within this period, it will be automatically cancelled. The possibility of payment in advance by bank transfer is only available if the reservation is made at least 7 days before the planned arrival. Confirmation of reservation and payment will be delivered to you after receipt and processing of your payment.

4. Payment card in advance. You will make the payment immediately after making the reservation by credit card or via the Google pay service. After payment, you will immediately receive a confirmation of the reservation by email. 

If you choose to pay in advance, your price for parking and services is guaranteed and unchanged, even if prices increase in the meantime. When choosing "Payment in cash upon arrival at the parking lot", the price is always paid according to the price list valid on the day of arrival at the parking lot.


Is it possible to cancel or change a reservation that has already been sent?

Yes, it is possible, until the day of arrival at the parking lot specified in the Reservation Form. More detailed information can be found HERE.

How to get from the parking lot to the airport and back?

If you are interested, we also provide free shuttle service to the airport and back. After parking the car in our parking lot, we will take you and your baggage with our vehicle to the airport. After your return from your holiday or business trip and after you have checked out your baggage and performed other formalities at the airport, call us at our phone number +421 905 362041 and we will pick you up at the airport and bring you back to the parking lot. Transfer to the airport and also return to the parking lot takes max. 30 min. More informations HERE.